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Test di Inglese Computer.

Test di Computer English Wall Street Ancona

Valuta il tuo Computer English con il Test Wall Street English. I risultati ti verranno inviati al tuo indirizzo di posta elettronica. In bocca al lupo! 😉

Computer English


A network of communication lines that links internal CPU elements and provides several different data paths between elements of the computer system is a ______


The key part of the computer because its operational speed predominantly determines the speed of the computer as a whole =

Numbers used to represent data on which digital computers operate:

Eight consecutive bits =

Several Pcs or workstations connected to a special computer called the server =

British mathematician who conceived of a machine that could compute by reading and writing an infinite tape according to simple instruction and state transitions =

A network that connects several nodes over long distance communication links such as common- carrier telephone lines =

A device that converts electrical signals of a PC into tones which can be transmitted along a telephone line =

Data stored in a computer as binary digits:

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