They say learning English is hard. Pronunciation, spelling, all those rules…  A lot of effort for what?  Hm, let’s see.

Well, we have been experiencing globalization effects for years now.  Even earlier than what we can imagine.  People travel, study abroad, work in international environments…  But even though someone may never physically be in this international sphere, he has the internet.  People nowadays search for everything.  They have access to any kind of knowledge and this is a power.  Through the digital world they get the opportunity to dream big.  Bigger than before. 

All these circumstances create this thirst.  The thirst of leaving, of exploring and tasting. The desire to meet new cultures, to grab opportunities that once were unimaginable and experience globalization to its deepest extent.  Some dare to do so.  Some others struggle.

Apart from the financial requirements, many find it hard to take advantage of such once-in-a-lifetime occasions just for communication reasons.  “How will I pass the English taught classes abroad?’’, ‘’What if I am lost and I don’t know how to ask for directions?’’, ‘’How am I going to convince this foreign client?’’, ‘’How will I meet new people in that country?’’.English might be harder than Italian… than Spanish… but it is an international language.  It is somehow a ticket to the world and all its opportunities and a great weapon to make it through the journey.  It is the key for any globalized door.  No matter what you wish to do, whether it’s traveling for fun, being employed in a multinational corporation or simply being able to chat with your Erasmus friends, English can guarantee you the access.

So hurry up! Enroll and let us be your first step in this adventure!


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